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No Limit Devices!

You can swiftly connect to the ÖdemeAL Admission Software with any device which can connect to the Internet(phone, tablet, PC, pos terminal and even TV) without any additional charge and complete your tasks at ease with the features of the software online.

There is no user limit

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Does Your Desk Warn You?

If you want, you can see the tables which are have not yet been ordered on special time, in a single screen. You can easily follow the tables that have not been dealt with for a long time.

Time? Of course, as you specify!

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ÖdemeAl Adisyon Yazılımı Garson Ekranı

Both Stylish and User-Friendly Design

Forget about old software that is difficult to use, You find it challenging to find where you seek is, and a burden when you try to use it.

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Unlimited Payment Type

You can define unlimited payment types on the payment screen. For each payment type you add, you can also create reports, if you want, you can follow up on a user basis.

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ÖdemeAl Adisyon Yazılımı Garson Ekranı

The Reports That You Need, One Click Ready!

Getting the order is the easy part. Well, can you track your accounts down to the finest detail? With ÖdemeAL POS Software, forget the standard reports.

Deep reports, product analyzes, vendor reports, daily or hourly sales charts and much more are all under one click.

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Cloud System

From home, from work, from anywhere. You can always keep track of your business with our software, which you can login with your unique username.

Always Updated

The software never gets old. All of the updates can be used free of charge by all our customers.


Your data is safe with us. Even if your computer in your business malfunctions, we back up the latest version of your data for you.

Useable for Every All Smart Devices

You do not have to buy hardware with overcharging. You can use the ÖdemeAL POS System from any device connected to the Internet.

Advanced Reporting Options

You can report all the movements in your business in a free and easy way to the finest detail.


The ÖdemeAL POS System is always with you. You can contact us with a phone or a support system.